Hi, I'm Tiffany, Experienced Accountant
& Certified Health Coach

I believe physical & financial welL-being are always linked.


That's why I empower hard working, visionary women like you to thrive in their life and work by breaking the cycle of physical stress and financial uncertainty that hold them back from their dreams.


Start Your Journey into Well-Being

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Feel like you just can't seem to get ahead?

I used to feel that way, too.


I know firsthand what it's like when financial worries lead to actual physical symptoms. I also know how scary it can be when chronic illness puts a strain on your finances. For years I struggled to make a living for me and my young daughter, but somehow I always fell further behind. When I finally addressed the causes my physical and financial struggles shared in common, I found true relief and began to thrive.


I will help you create a lifestyle of well-being through:


Find the root causes of physical stress so that you can remove it, for good, and replace anxiety with peace of mind

Set up a financial system and implement fiscal habits that are flexible, simple, and help you reach your goals

Adopt simple self-care habits with many different options to nurture YOU, including healthy meals and enjoyable activities


I am a graduate of the world's largest nutrition school
with an emphasis on holistic Health & wellness:


Here's how we can work together

My customized programs provide you with the perfect mix of 1:1 coaching and step-by-step personal implementation, so you start seeing a shift in your well-being right away.

Choose from one of two life-changing packages:

THE vip experience . . . 

The perfect place to begin . . .

Are you ready to make a shift but feel overwhelmed about where to begin your journey into true well-being? This is the perfect place to start. My THRIVE program provides you with all the basics to cultivate new habits that will help you create a healthier financial and physical future. 

Want red-carpet treatment with end-to-end support that includes an overhaul of both personal and business finances, as well as grocery shopping training and a complete pantry makeover? My FLOURISH & PROSPER experience will pamper you as you transition into a whole new lifestyle.

Here's what others are saying about their experience:

"Tiffany Stokes is just flat out amazing. She came to me as a recommendation from a friend. I cannot sing her praises enough. She has taken so much stress off of my shoulders. She is incredibly trustworthy and so diligent! She does what she says she's going to do, and she does it with care through the entire process. I cannot imagine trying to get through all of this paperwork and organizing without Tiffany. I know she will be a part of my team for a long time!"

– Kelly Gordon, Digital strategist



"Tiffany Stokes has helped me to realize the very integral role self-care plays in the well-being of my body and my business. I'm the type who tends to burn herself out at both ends. Tiffany is always there to call me back to simplicity and rest when I need it. She has helped me to see that true well-being of body and soul is not at odds with my desire to grow a business, but a catalyst to getting there."

Lisa England, communication coach


Ready to take your next step into a life of true well-being?